We create vibrant watches by fusing vintage and modern aesthetics through inspired use of color and design.

(you-bik) is founded in 2023 by Drayson Phua, a Creative Director from Singapore. Our name stems from the hope that our brand and products will grow to be UBIQuitous in consumers' consciousness.

In a world dominated by all things digital, mechanical watches preserve our love for the analog as they offer us momentary respite to unplug and disconnect from technology.

We embrace optimism through our brand values. It is inspirational, idealistic, and infectious, enabling us to overcome any challenge. From product development to delivery, it guides our decision-making process.

  • THEN

    A father's passion for watches and his son's colourful and optimistic world collide to form something truly UBIQ.

  • NOW

    We craft stylish and enduring watches, embodying our core values of vibrancy, dynamism, and creativity.

  • NEXT

    We aim to transcend genres and phases with our unique sensibilities to create timepieces that defy boundaries.

  • Vibrant

    Vibrance takes prominence in our brand and designs. Inspired by the colourful world of a child, we use vivid hues to embody personality and optimism.

  • Dynamic

    We are not afraid to take chances and create something out of the ordinary. This is personified in our fluid brand system and unconventional designs.

  • Creative

    Founded by a designer, creativity is part of our DNA. We integrate form with function, blending inventiveness and timekeeping into a harmonious whole.

Sustainable Style

At UBIQ, our mechanical watches embody sustainability and environmental responsibility. Operating without disposable batteries, they not only reduce electronic waste but also ensure longevity with enduring materials made to last generations with proper care.

Complementing this commitment, our packaging is designed to be 90% recyclable. Each UBIQ watch is presented in a vibrant travel pouch, contributing to a more sustainable future.

What began as simple desire grew in a passion that culminated into a force of will and obsession.

Having owned several watches when I was younger, my passion for watches was re-ignited when I began searching for a well-made timepiece to wear and eventually pass down to my son. After checking out the usual suspects, most of them actually left me feeling cold. Their staid, albeit timeless designs were in my mind, a little boring.

As an experiment, I began sketching what I envisioned our watch could be. Inspired by my son's bright and colourful world, I reimagined that sense of vibrance and optimism through the lens of an ideal watch design and thus began the journey of bringing that vision to reality.

In this day and age where watches are no longer essentials, if they do not bring us a sense of joy, why bother wearing one?

- Drayson