How it All Began

How it All Began

What began as simple desire grew in a passion that culminated into a force of will and obsession.

Having owned several watches when I was younger, my passion for watches was re-ignited when I began searching for a well-made timepiece to wear and eventually pass down to my son. After checking out the usual suspects, most of them actually left me feeling cold. Their staid, albeit timeless designs were in my mind, a little boring.

As an experiment, I began sketching what I envisioned our watch could be. Inspired by my son's bright and colourful world, I reimagined that sense of vibrance and optimism through the lens of an ideal watch design and thus began the journey of bringing that vision to reality.

In this day and age where watches are no longer essentials, if they do not bring us a sense of joy, why bother wearing one?

- Drayson

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